About Magik Online

A thousand spells in your pocket, for a price.

So the email told Mathias, a creative teenager dreaming of freedom on a conquered Earth where magic is a resource to fight over, and a dragon despot rules the stars. The mysterious Magik website offers him the chance to purchase magical powers online, so long as he fulfills the requests of hidden benefactors. He accepts.

Now embroiled in a power game he barely understands, Mathias decides to do the only sensible thing: build a crack team of magicians, monsters, and would-be knights to take down their oppressive dictatorship. An easy Quest, right?

Magik Online is a free to read Web Novel, written by Maxime J. Durand (nom de guerre Void Herald) and edited by his good friend Daniel Zogbi. The story includes urban fantasy and sci-fi elements, some violence, and a lot of internet magic.

Magik Online’s Update Schedule

I publish new chapters each Wednesday, without fault on the main website, with one chapter early available for my patrons on Patreon.

The story is also published on Royalroad.com, with chapters posted a few hours after the official website. However, those are broken into smaller bits rather than this website’s longer chapters.

About Magik Online’s Author

Robot Writer writing about Magik Online
About the Robo-Writer

A Frenchman of twenty-four lost on the road of life, I’ve written post-by-post fiction since my teenage years. First with fanfics, then an online web serial called Dis Acedia. Unsatisfied with that story, and facing personal life problem, I decided to revamp it; creating the draft that would become Magik. Fascinated with storytelling and the web fiction ecosystem, I thought I might also try my hand at publishing articles on the subject.

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  1. I have very high hopes for the story. I’ve only just started and it looks very promising – reminds me of Spellgun in a way.

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