Magik Online

The Dragonslayers (Main Cast)

Mathias “Matt” Martel/Shroud (human): the story’s protagonist, introverted student, part-time game designer, and closet rebel. Deeply wounded by his mother’s unjust arrest, Mathias jumped at the chance to use the Magik system for revenge; gaining the ability to cast spells and control networks in the process. Now he wonders how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Kari Matsumoto/Yoshikage (human): another Magik Player coming from Japan, whom she intends to free from Concordia. Samantha’s pen friend. Kari is a introverted girl with few words to spare and a shady past. Kari favors a Magik built focusing on Yellow (soul) and Green (life) spells, focusing on increasing her natural talents.

Solomon Nicholae/Sol (human): one of the few remaining Catholic priests in North America and former televangelist. A family friend of the Martel, Solomon has a long history of fighting injustice wherever he finds it, which caused him no end of trouble. While in his seventies, he remains a vigorous and willful.

Mur the Imp/The Mur! (Imp): a mercenary from the Midnight Market, an interstellar black market, Mur is a proud but dim creature seeking only power. Interested in magical enhancements, he throws his lot with Mathias in exchange for spellcasting protection. Mur earned a bounty from Concordia after killing one of their officials during an bodyguarding mission.

Maggie Powells/Sharpshoot (human): Jack’s sister and daughter of Evermarsh’s police chief, Maggie is a young foulmouthed spitfire coming from a difficult family. The third member of Perse’s music band and its bassist, she has a crush on Ulysses. Targeted by her own family as the last sacrifice to summon the Candlemaker, she was rescued by Mathias.

Nathaniel Stitch (Wight): an elf in life and now undead, Stitch is a fleshcrafter, a black market doctor specializing in enhancing customers instead of healing wounds. Driven entirely by curiosity and scientific advancement, Stitch is however rather ethical and believes strongly in preserving life. He is hired by the Dragonslayers as a field doctor.

Magik Online

The Administrator (unknown): the Administrator of the Magik website, who oversees the system and its users. While little is known of the Administrator, two things are certain: it wants Concordia gone, and users like Mathias to succeed.

The Sponsors (unknown): the mysterious patrons of the Magik website, who grant spells and quests to its users. Pursuing strange and often contradictory goals, the Sponsors however oppose Concordia and empower those who challenge it.


Martel Family

Victor Martel (human): Mathias’ father and a journalist, Victor is a single father struggling to raise his son after his wife’s disappearance. Determined to find the truth, he investigates cases with zeal, although he is wary to tread lightly. Traumatized by Alice’s arrest, his main goal is to prevent Mathias from following the same path.

Alice Martel (born Berwick, human): Mathias’ disappeared mother, and a Nobel-prize winning researcher in artificial intelligence before the Conquest. Arrested two years ago without explanation and “vanished” by Concordian Authorities, with her researches destroyed soon after.

Werner Family

Ulysses Werner (human): Mathias’ best friend and Perse’s foil. Ulysses is a brilliant but lazy underachiever determined to do as little as possible to get by. An introvert with a strange sense of humor, most people see him as a weirdo. He is more insightful than he looks, although he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Persephone “Perse” Werner (human): Ulysses’ sister and Matt’s other best friend, Perse is everything her brother isn’t: extraverted, brash, and a serial monogamist. She is the guitarist of the Evermarsh Skulls music band, a vegetarian, and a semi-casual goth.

Viviane Werner (human): narrative designer at Dynamis, and mother of Perse and Ulysses. She is Mathias’ career mentor and a substitute mother. An eccentric and a conspiracy theorist, she is considering dating again after a tough divorce.

Other Citizens

Samantha Brown (human): Evermarsh High’s queen bee and star pupil, Samantha Brown is the daughter of Evermarsh’s mayor John Brown. While superficial and a little elitist, she is very well-liked in her hometown due to her nice personality. Best friend of Perse and her band’s lead singer. Dates Jack, but started regretting it.

Gavin (hobgoblin): the manager of Dynamis Inc’s Evermarsh branch and Mathias’ boss. Gavin is a new immigrant to Terra Firma, having been deported here due to imperial policies. While a bit out of depth with his new job, Gavin tries his best to make the company’s games successful.



Grandmaster Wyrde (dragon): one of the three founders of Concordia and its supreme empress, Grandmaster Wyrde is the most powerful dragon (some would dare say being) alive. A magical and technological genius, Wyrde has conquered countless worlds in her quest to bring universal unity under the rule of dragons. Wyrde spends most of her time in her capital, leaving the day-to-day administration to her Ministers while pursuing higher ambitions.

Loctis, Green Minister (dragon): one of the three founders of Concordia and its Green Minister, Loctis is Wyrde’s second-in-command. A prodigious intellect whose inventions altered the course of history more than once, Loctis is however a recluse more interested in scientific pursuits than rulership. No one has seen him in the flesh for years except his fellow Ministers.

Halcyon (human, deceased): the third founder of Concordia, a human explorer with a dream of world-wide peace and cooperation. Founded the Mapmakers initiative, which aims to map the known universe. Killed by the rival power of Gintargo during the empire’s early days, which sparked Concordia’s aggressive policies.


Aster, Blue Minister (bullman): the head of Concordian police and intelligence. Aster knows everything on everyone within the empire, and tramps out deviancy with brutal efficiency. A fanatic, Aster believes that reshaping citizens’ minds will lead to peace. His lair of Electon, where most of the empire’s enemies are imprisoned, is a place few ever leave unbroken.

Brina, Violet Minister (unknown): the most elusive Minister, whom even her fellows commanders know little about. While appearing humanoid, Brina’s mysterious origins and immense power are nothing short of inhuman. As the Violet Minister, she manages Concordia’s transportation and exploration efforts, mapping new star clusters for the empire to conquer.

Blackcinders, Red Minister (dragon): the supreme commander of Concordia’s armed forces, Blackcinders is a hardliner whose might is only matched by her ruthlessness. Having conquered vast territories in the name of her master, Blackcinders recently added Earth to her collection, leaving her children to rule in her stead. Believing only in power, Blackcinders advocates a policy of total war against all who stand in the empire’s way.

Grimsour, Orange Minister (hobgoblin): a cunning robber baron managing the biggest state-owned company in Concordia, Grimsour is the head of the Empire’s treasury and trade. Utterly obsessed with efficiency, productivity, and his own interests, his cut-corners attitude breeds resentment among workers. Grimsour suffers from intense paranoia in spite of his vast magical power, investing large sums of Imperial Credits in his personal security.

The Golden Prince, Yellow Minister (dragon): the Yellow Minister of Concordia, the Golden Prince is a gentle dragon whose tongue is his most fearsome weapon. Chief of diplomacy, culture, and arts, the Golden Prince is a moderating influence among Concordia’s High Command, pushing for integration through diplomacy and trade rather than fear and violence.

Terra Firma’s Occupation

Smokefang (dragon): the dragon overlord of the American Protectorate, which covers North and Central America. A young son of Blackcinders, Smokefang inherited her brutal mindset while holding a great desire to prove himself. He infamously burned Old Atlanta to the ground during the Conquest in a fit of rage.

John Kresnik (lycanthrope): a werewolf captain of Concordia’s internal security forces, and a talented White sorcerer. Kresnik is the perfect Concordian soldier: dutiful, efficient, and relentless. Usually sent after terrorist cells and other sorcerers, Minister Blackcinders sent him to investigate multiple incidents in the Evermarsh area.

Anton Maxwell (human): the CEO of entertainment juggernaut Dynamis, Anton Maxwell is a powerful human with a strong vision for the future, where science and technology are fully joined. As a member of the elite imperial Concordian Institute, Maxwell researches sorcerers and what power them. Few are aware of his true ambitions though…

Other Agents

Melusine (Unknown): Minister Aster’s top agent, a dangerous and intelligent saboteur usually deployed on dangerous missions across the galaxy. Sent after Shroud after the Evermarsh crisis, Melusine knows more than she lets on, but remains a mystery.



The Maleking (Unknown): Concordia’s current nemesis. A malevolent entity determined to spread his own brand of radical freedom, which involves lots of violence and mayhem. Worshiped as a god by cults across the stars, the Maleking empowers those walking the path of chaos, for a price. Gained awareness of Mathias after the Candlemaker fiasco, which turned out to be an unpleasant experience.

Evermarsh Cult

Candlemaker (Fire Elemental): a fire elemental and a servant of the Maleking, the Candlemaker is a vicious monster wishing to set the world on fire. Summoned by the Evermarsh cult after a week-long bloody ritual, but was instead found in a foul mood.

Jack Powells (human): Samantha’s boyfriend, Maggie’s brother, and a closet psychopath. A star student at Evermarsh High, Jack hides his mental psychosis behind a mask of sanity. An enforcer of the missing people conspiracy, Jack ruthlessly assisted in the abduction and murder of a dozen of people, becoming Mathias’ first target.

Mayor John Brown (human): Samantha Brown’s father and the mayor of Evermarsh, who secretly resents the Concordian authority for reducing him to a figurehead. Influenced by the Maleking’s sinister promises, he leads a conspiracy to summon the Candlemaker as a living weapon against Concordia. Mayor Brown thinks nothing of sacrificing dozens of his own citizens, so long as he may regain his authority.

Henry Powells (human): father of Jack and Maggie, and Evermarsh’s chief of police. As wicked as his son, Henry is Brown’s best friend and right-hand, serving as his enforcer. Fascinated by the Maleking’s immense power, Henry is ready to do almost anything to get its attention, including spilling his own blood.

The Midnight Market

Mammon, the Midnight King (Infernoid Mimic): the ruler of the Midnight Market, a massive, interstellar marketplace where everything (and everyone) is for sale. The incarnation of greed, a powerful sorcerer, and completely insane by human standards, Mammon remains officially neutral on galactic affairs. He may be more dangerous than he looks…

Ace (Human): Mammon’s new human assistant, a Violet Sorceress whose teleportation abilities and effectiveness have made her a precious asset to the Midnight King. In spite of her employer’s madness, Ace is a kind and helpful person, who quickly takes a liking to Shroud’s group.

Manah, the Shadow Queen (unknown): a mysterious, shadowy puppet master opposed to Concordia. Little is known about the Shadow Queen besides her name, but her influence is far reaching; she funds and equips resistance movements against the empire, which made her a target of the Ministers – and a beacon for rebels.

Celia (Vampire): a powerful necromancer taking the shape of a vampire child when in pleasant company, which hides her strength as the most powerful Yellow Sorceress on records. Celia is a childish being who rules a planet of undead people, a state which she wishes to share with everyone, so nobody has to die.

Wormson (unknown): a Green Sorcerer taking the shape of a living colony of worms, working directly for the Shadow Queen. Friendly and carefree, Wormson is also an amoral, and frighteningly dangerous spellcaster whose motives remain a mystery.

Booz (hobgoblin): a merchant from the Midnight Market, Booz is a mysterious arms dealer and smuggler having set shop in Terra Firma. Uncaring about authorities, regulations, Booz happily peddles illegal goods to whoever is willing to pay him in cash. A thorough professional, Booz keeps his true allegiance under wraps.


Manus (Gearsman AI, deceased): Grandmaster Wyrde’s creation and Concordia’s once worse enemy. An advanced AI created by the Grandmaster to administer her empire, Manus went rogue decades ago, sparking a devastating civil war. While destroyed, its influence linger in the minds of Concordian citizens as a boogeyman. AI have been heavily restricted since.

Mother Pandia (Gorgone): the leader of Green Mandrake, a tribal druid resistance against Concordia on her home world of Darkthorn. Lost the war thoroughly and currently on the run.

Lord Revel (Arcadian): an interstellar warlord ruling a small empire independent of Concordia. Lord Revel leads the Arcadian Reavers, an entire species of space pirates and raiders, with an iron fist. His kind’s infamous propensity to hunt entire species to extinction for sport have created him many enemies, but his prowess as a warrior and sorcerer make him above retaliations.

Lugh (Arcadian): Revel’s grandson, a dangerous Reaver and interstellar raider infamous for his invulnerability. While seemingly genial and gregarious, Lugh is a dangerous fighter who thinks nothing of hunting sentient beings for fame and fun.

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