Chapter 65: Message Board: Prelude to the War

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Subject: Peak Recipes

In: Voice of Incubus ► Hack Sharing Thread ► Make the world Peak again!

1, 2… 55… 58, 59.

Enaz the Great Jan. 3rd; 20:34

New Hack found and patented!


Dot: 2
Components: Firekin + Peak
Activation: Passive, Thought.

Your biology is optimized to become that of a phoenix, a primal fire elemental. You can turn your flesh to fire at will, taking the shape of an angelic being with fiery wings; you can produce flames up to 4000 degrees and gain limited flight while in this form. As a side-effect, you are immune to all forms of fire and flames while this ability is activate.

Evan Cloud Jan. 3rd; 20:34

Nice one, gotta try it.

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 20:35

Aaaand gotta go update the Hack recipe folder. 

Marc Jan. 3rd; 20:35

Peak has to be one of the spells with the best synergy. It triggers Hacks with everything.

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 20:35

Peak, Accel, and Premium Thoughts are pretty much required Spellcoin Taxes. If we had a metagame, they would be our Garchomp; everyone has it on their team. 

Doc Jan. 3rd; 20:36

Garchomp? What is that?

Drekin Jan. 3rd; 20:39

I think it’s a Pokemon. Are there still fans out there? I thought Concordia banned it because it “portrayed a negative, speciesist vision of human-dragon relationships.” Which proves the Yellow Ministry is pure evil. 

Floodtalon (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 20:39

There are still leagues online. Wouldn’t you know, Fairy Type is very popular. 

Doc Jan. 3rd; 20:39

What is a Pokemon? A new breed of dragon? Where can I study one?

Thread: Urgent News! War coming to Earth! Intergalactic jailbreak! Grandmaster on Earth! 

In: Voice of Incubus ► Field Reports ► Urgent News

1, 2… 93.

Incubus R.T. Jan. 4rd; 00:14

Heya people,

Been a while since I posted a field report. Pals and hi met in Neo York stole a dragon’s bone, and we almost got murdered by a Zombie Red Sorcerer Assassin. I’m not kidding. That happened. As you can guess, it took a while before I could focus back on intel. Thankfully, my new Lock upgrade helped tremendously.

A lot of stuff happened this month, and as you can guess from the title, shit’s getting real soon. So, in order of good to bad:

Aster’s death confirmed!

The rumors of the Blue Minister’s death are confirmed; details are scarce, but someone, prime suspect Shroud (who as you all know claimed the kill earlier), tricked his own starfleet into blowing him up (how the hell did you do that?). The vice-minister, the human Melusine, has been promoted to Blue Minister, but Concordia’s intel network is in shambles. Which leads to…

Electon Jailbreak

Two to three hundred dangerous sorcerers escaped Concordia’s prison planet of Electon. The Jailbreak was led by Jack Powells, codename, Candlemaker. He had been imprisoned on the thunderstorm-stricken prison planet since he rampaged in Evermarsh, and was thought Flux-drained and harmless. 

However, he somehow managed to blast his containment cell open, freed the other two hundred sorcerers imprisoned there, then escaped with stolen ships; it is unknown how he managed to do so, but the chaos in the Blue Ministry certainly helped. My spies believe the Maleking may have engineered Jack’s capture specifically to set that jailbreak. 

Maleking incoming

Malebranche cults are on the warpath, especially in South America. Apparently, the last of Malacoda’s seals is breaking soon, and they think he will come to Earth to bring Armageddon; Celia, the Horseman of Death, has been sighted in the ruins of Russia. The new Horseman of Famine remains unidentified.

Also, this isn’t confirmed yet, but the Shadow Queen has tried to convince Lord Revel to join his armies to the forces the Maleking is gathering against Concordia. If so, then the Malebranche and affiliated have enough power to pick a fight with the Empire that isn’t one-sided. 

And Earth is on the path. 

Wyrde in the North Pole

The title says it all.

We all know the White Neurotower is in the North Pole, but two days ago, the hyper-popular Grandmaster of Concordia has moved in. No idea why, but it can’t be good. Spell protections are so tight, even my “infiltrators” couldn’t get through. 

The entire landmass is a fortress, so good luck on anyone trying to make their way through… but she’s here.

Alex Pruitt (Guild Moderator) Jan. 4th; 00:18

Nuke Greenland from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

The Mur! Jan. 4th; 00:19

Famine Horsemen keep dying too fast for Mur to keep track. 

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 4th; 00:19

Gotta raise a toast to Aster’s demise here. Two of our Players were under his influence and caused the death of three more before we caught on. 

How’s Melusine?

Shroud Jan. 4th; 00:19

Having infiltrated her organization, I confirm that Manah has indeed promised Lord Revel the return of his son’s soul in exchange for his cooperation. No idea if he accepted, but my gut tells me he did.

On Melusine: she’s dangerous, fanatical, and she can block Locks with her own. If anybody sees her, I would like to be contacted.

Washington (Guild Moderator) Jan. 4th; 00:21

Got a bone to pick with her, lad?

Shroud Jan. 4th; 00:21

Yes, I do

Sharpshoot Jan. 4th; 00:22

Same feeling with Jack. If I meet him, you can remove the “jail” from Jailbreak.

Daniel Jan. 4th; 00:22

That pun is terrible. You should feel bad.

Saul Kurzman (Guid Moderator) Jan. 4th; 00:23

Who is that guy actually? Somebody we should know?

Odysseus Jan. 4th; 00:23

Sharpshoot’s demon-possessed, psychopath of a brother. He’s an asshole, Red Sorcerer, natural one. Shroud and Kresnik beat the shit out of him, but it didn’t stick.

Sharpshoot Jan. 4th; 00:23

How the hell are you a Player, Odysseus? Do they recruit everyone at Evermarsh?

Odysseus Jan. 4th; 00:24

Neither mom nor Sis nor Sam, as far as I know.

Incubus R.T. Jan. 4th; 00:25

By Sam, you mean Samantha Brown, the former mayor’s daughter? She’s in the North Pole, as part of the Institute deployed there. 

Yoshikage Jan. 4th; 00:25


Odysseus Jan. 4th; 00:27

Did somebody pick up that phone? ‘Cause I CALLED IT! I knew she was a hoe!

Sharpshoot Jan. 4th; 00:30

Fuck off, I’m sure she’s infiltrating them. No way she’s with them.

Dax (Moderator) Jan. 4th; 00:31

Shroud, since you’re the new dev, can’t you just prevent that Melusine from hacking our Locks?

Shroud Jan. 4th; 00:33

I’m working on that, but I can’t say it worked until it has been tested. We’ll see.

Sharpshoot Jan. 4th; 00:34

Hey, wait a sec, @Incubus R.T. how did you know we were talking of Samantha Brown? Are you spying on us? 

Incubus R.T. Jan. 4th; 00:35

Nah. I just know everything

Subject: The Wolf of Neo York (Mentioned)

In: Boards ►Concordian Targets ► Kresnik and Scar

1, 2… 34, 35.

Alex Pruitt (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 16:14

Couldn’t get past his goddamn barrier and counterspells. And he’s not even that powerful, just super-frustrating to deal with. I’m sure that if he’s isolated from his partner, we could manage and put him down without too much trouble. 

Karolus Jan. 3rd; 16:15

Did you lose someone? His partner Scar doesn’t mess around. Four-armed bastard went Friday the Thirteenth on my summons last time we met, it wasn’t fun to watch.

Alex Pruitt (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 16:15

No, but that was a close call. Warwick got injured, almost died, but Dex healed him. We lost the warehouse and the weapon shipment though. 

Here’s the new spells Kresnik has been using, all White from what I gathered from the fight:

  • Spellthief: Steal somebody’s buffs and apply them to Kresnik (maybe to someone else, but I haven’t seen him buff Scar with it).
  • Reflect: Reflect spells up to dot three back to the sender. Does NOT work on Hacks.
  • Supercharge: Some kind of super Accel. That + Counterspell even makes Magik bug for several seconds.
  • Duplispell: Cast twice the same spell.

No new stuff for Scar. Still as fond of Forcefield as ever.

Marc Jan. 3rd; 16:16

We know Scar is Red/Violet and some kind of teleport/close-combat specialist. Devastating in an ambush, but potentially vulnerable to long-range sniping if he can’t teleport close.

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 3rd; 16:17

I’ve been thinking the same. The problem is that these two always pick fights in enclosed areas or space which reduces visibility so that weakness can’t be exploited. 

BlissForgotten Jan. 3rd; 16:18

Been thinking of using my Lock to get around it, force them to stay on the defensive by laying traps while a teammate snipes them. Is anybody interested in forming a hunting party?

Jonathan Jan. 3rd; 16:18

Doesn’t your Lock cause a lot of collateral damage?

BlissForgotten Jan. 3rd; 16:19

Says the guy who wiped out the Chinese coast. I can contain the effects if we manage to lure them in the ruins of Old New York.

Enaz the Great Jan. 3rd; 16:19

Sign me up for the wolf hunt. We meet at Dax’s meetup hideout?

ADMINISTRATOR (Admin) Jan. 3rd; 16:25

The Supercharged Counterspell weakness has been patched with Shroud’s help. While it will still negate almost all active sorcery, you will still keep the ability to spellcast afterward.

BlissForgotten Jan. 3rd; 16:27

@Atalanta? @Odysseus? Isn’t your team crashing Neo York soon? Would you like to join? 

Thread: Chinese Revolution

In: Boards ► Places ► South East Asia ► China

1,2… 89, 90.

Jonathan Jan. 6th; 21:28

With the weather machines destroyed, it is time. The Eight Immortals have given the date for the revolt. March 15th, 2030.

Daniel Jan. 6th; 21:29

You’re really sure? I know you guys have been doing phenomenally well, just like the guys in Neo York and Rome, but that’s Blightspawn. She’s a dragon Green Sorcerer, and she turns the air acidic when she breaths. 

Also, no idea how Blackcinders will react if you do succeed in taking down the local Arc City grid. She may blow up the whole country from orbit.

Jonathan Jan. 6th; 21:30

According to our timing, it will take fifteen hours for the moon to credibly threaten the area. We are coordinating with the guild having taken the “Goodbye, Moonmen” Quest to make sure they can’t blow that weapon.

Daniel Jan. 6th; 21:32

She still has her ship, her fleet, and her asteroid slingshot sorcery. Let’s not forget that.

Drekin Jan. 6th; 21:34

We have to try and take them down sooner or later, Daniel. Especially if what they say in the State Zero and Voice of Incubus threads is true. 

Daniel Jan. 6th; 21:34

Yeah, but… are we ready? I get the feeling that once we start, either we win or we all die. I would rather be more prepared.

Marc Jan. 6th; 21:35

@Drekin State Zero is real. I checked. If we wait another month, this whole forum may never have existed, and us along with it. 

Incubus R.T. Jan. 6th; 21:37

They already set martial laws, and according to my intel, shit will hit the fan before March. Also, did nobody notice these are the Ides of March, and that the Rome team is also gearing up for something on that same date? It’s like our Sponsor strategist has a fetish for that month.

Romulus (Sponsor) Jan. 6th; 21:37

I do not have a fetish for March. This is a coincidence.

Thread: Defend the Safe Zone, Arizona

In: Boards ► Places ► North America ► The Zone  

1, 2, 3.

Washington (Guild Moderator) Jan. 6th; 22:05

We’re still looking for players with Locks who can boost Kurzman’s Landlord to hasten the Safe Zone’s expansion; and able-bloodied warriors who can help fight the Bio-soldiers torching the place at Grand Canyon. We have used Dirt Call to try to hasten the spread of Kurzman’s Lock, but it’s slow as hell.

Saul Kurzman (Guild Moderator) Jan. 6th; 22:06

I can only extend the zone by one mile per day, twice more if we use Dirt Call landscaping. It will take me another month and a half to reach Las Vegas’ outskirts, which may not be fast enough depending on the Sponsors’ timing.  

Evan Cloud Jan. 6th; 22:07

If I combine mine with yours, I could perhaps increase that range by ten percent a day. One bonus mile won every ten days. Do you think you could cover all of the US with your homefield advantage, with enough time?

Saul Kurzman (Guild Moderator) Jan. 6th; 22:07

Maybe. More territory isn’t harder to manage than less.

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 6th; 22:10

I think Townsend or Warwick’s Locks could mesh well with your Lock too. We could turn it into a fortress and country-sized summoning field. 

BlissForgotten Jan. 6th; 22:11

And then Blackcinders nuke the place from orbit.

Saul Kurzman (Guild Moderator) Jan. 6th; 22:12

 I pray the guys doing the “Goodbye, Moonmen” quest hurry up before then.

Thread: Cost of Opposing Colors reduced

In: Boards ► Updates and Bugs ► Spellcoins

ADMINISTRATOR (Admin) Jan. 7th; 00:00

Thanks to our efforts with Shroud, we managed to reduce the cost of opposite color affinities, aligning them to that of allied colors. So for example, should you be a Blue, an Orange Dot 1 spell will now cost 4 Spellcoins instead of 5. 

This, combined with the improved data management, has allowed us to triple the size of our Player Base last week (as you can see from all the newcomers). The road towards creating a true “army of Earth” is still far, far away, but we are now numerous enough to credibly threaten key imperial installations. More quests will be sent soon to reflect that. 

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 00:01

Good news.

Manu Jan. 7th; 00:01


Alex Pruitt (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 00:01

Finally, I can make a full rainbow out of my spell compendium!

Manu Jan. 7th; 00:01

A prism. Prism sounds better.

Drekin Jan. 7th; 00:02

Thanks, but I got to ask when are you guys going to open the Forbidden Area? It’s not like that color’s existence is a secret anymore. Everyone stumbled on that part of the website since Incubus found it. 

Shroud Jan. 7th; 00:03

The beta test is still ongoing. You can apply with the other beta testers candidates in the thread. 

ADMINISTRATOR (Admin) Jan. 7th; 00:03

For now, the answer is “somewhen.” I would like to say “never,” but tests have so far been positive enough for Sponsors to consider the idea. However, with the Black Neurotower in Antarctica acting up, the matter remains frozen until further notice. 

Thread: Prank War Finale, call for Players

In: Boards ► Quests ► Looking for Quests ► America ► Prank Wars

1, 2, … 12, 13.

Floodtalon (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 12:03

As you know, according to the Sponsors, this Prank War will be the last iteration of the quest, the most dangerous, and the most rewarding. I say we make it the funniest.

You remember the Statue of Liberty? How we found out the Concordians put a big doomsday device in it? I say we crash it, and we make it spectacular.

Brainstorming session!

Drekin  Jan. 7th; 12:04

I’ll pass this one (hunting Governor Shin-Drazil, with whom I have a bone to pick), but why not paint it like a French girl?

Marc Jan. 7th; 12:05

What is that supposed to mean?

Drekin  Jan. 7th; 12:06

Everything 🙂

Floodtalon (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 12:07

It’s a Prank War inside joke. You can’t know until you’ve done it.

The Mur! Jan. 7th; 12:08

It is a statue. Break it.

Dax (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 12:09

@The Mur! Already done!

Odysseus Jan. 7th; 12:10

I am so going to participate if Atalanta lets us. Also, why not cover it in mushrooms with my lock? Would that work?

Thread: Vainqueur the Dragon Roleplay

In: Boards ► Chill Out ► Community Stuff ► Vainqueur the Dragon ► Incubus RP

1, 2, … 532, 533.

Evan Cloud Jan. 7th; 22:16

Okay, dropped my old group when the GM went crazy with mind-control shenanigans. I’m looking for fun, and I heard Vainqueur (and Incubus’ RP group) is amazing. Can I join?

Incubus Jan. 7th; 22:17

You can, but can you wait for a week? There are so many new players, I’m full. I’ve considered asking Voidy to help DM it, but he hasn’t answered yet. 

Washington (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 22:18

It’s a novel about a dragon, how is it that popular here?

Drekin Jan. 7th; 22:19

The belly laughs my friend. The laughs cured my cancer, and then reading Al’s fanfic gave it back.

Atalanta (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 22:20

Al, you write Vainqueur fanfics? Vainqueur?

Al Jan. 7th; 22:20

I write fanfics about everything.

Also, what are you doing here? I thought you didn’t like it?

Atalanta (Guild Moderator) Jan. 7th; 22:21

Atalanta has left the thread

Private Message: what’s up, nerd? by Sharpshoot

1, 2, 3

ODYSSEUS: So. Still awkward at conversations?

SHARPSHOOT: Still a dick? 

ODYSSEUS: Always. Still pinning for the other nerd?

SHARPSHOOT: Yeah. Sort of. It’s complicated. 

ODYSSEUS: It’s “complicated.” That’s fucking original, never heard that one before.

SHARPSHOOT: Shut up, from what I heard it’s the same with Atalanta.

ODYSSEUS: It’s not complicated, she said okay for a date, but only if we’re still alive after the revolution. Now, surviving that far, that’s the complicated part. Al keeps finding excuses to leave us alone, but it hasn’t helped.


ODYSSEUS: Meh. No seriously, what’s up with Matt?

SHARPSHOOT: We’re planning to come back to Earth soon. The Epoch is around the corner, and now, it’s pretty clear that the Maleking is going to reveal something big. Nerd is all worried about it.

ODYSSEUS: I figured, but that’s not what I asked.

SHARPSHOOT: He’s still not over Ace. At least he accepted to drink a few times, but I can tell he’s not in the mood. 

ODYSSEUS: She died for him, from what you told me. He’s afraid it will happen again. Even with his power, Matt doesn’t ‘get’ emotional intimacy; he’s afraid that if he cares too much, it will be taken away. So he creates distance like he did back when he played superhero. Don’t let him isolate himself, even if he lashes out.

SHARPSHOOT: Why the hell do you care?

ODYSSEUS: This is gonna sound strange, but in a way, I think you have a shot together; and on the other hand, I think you’re going to make the other worse. Either it’s going to work great or terrible, with nothing in between. 

SHARPSHOOT: How is Perse?

ODYSSEUS: Fine, touring Europe. She tried to contact me, but I can’t answer. Concordia may keep her under watch, and I can’t jeopardize my team’s safety. 

SHARPSHOOT: It’s going to end soon, jackass. One way or another.

ODYSSEUS: Yes, but what comes after? If we get them off Earth and somehow manage to keep them off, what’s going to happen? It will be like starting our civilization back from square one.

SHARPSHOOT: No idea, nerd. I try not to think of it. We can always think of that after the dragons are gone, and after I put a bullet in my brother’s head.

ODYSSEUS: That’s dark.

SHARPSHOOT: That’s true.

ODYSSEUS: You’re really going to do it though?

SHARPSHOOT: I have to. He tried to kill me first, and he won’t stop. It’s payback. 

ODYSSEUS: Yeah, can’t argue with the fact he’s an asshole, but you don’t have to be the one to do it. 

SHARPSHOOT: Because I will be just like him? It ain’t a manga, nerd. It’s real life.

ODYSSEUS: Don’t give me that excuse. I’m just saying, if you let him dictate your life in any way, Jack still wins. If you kill him, he will haunt you forever.

SHARPSHOOT: Still have to settle things with him.

ODYSSEUS: Don’t die, jerk.

SHARPSHOOT: Don’t die, nerd. 

Private Message: Ulysses, by Shroud

1, 2… 23, 24.

SHROUD: Still can’t believe they recruited you, old friend.

ODYSSEUS: Still can’t believe they chose you first, Matt. I’m way more handsome.

SHROUD: More Green. I could have sworn you would be a Violet. But then again, the Greens that I have met seem rather mellow in general.

ODYSSEUS: Are Blue’s emotional crybabies?

SHROUD: No, I’m afraid I’m a unique case. I missed you.

ODYSSEUS: Me too. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I did. Maggie told me about your mom. I’m sorry.

SHROUD: All I will say is that I will stop her.

ODYSSEUS: I can’t imagine how you feel, so I won’t be a hypocrite and say I understand. If you want to vent, I’m here.

SHROUD: I have a priest on the team, but thanks. You’re hitting Neo York soon? I get the feeling the American revolt will begin there.

ODYSSEUS: Not yet. We’re helping Kurzman and Washington expand the Safe Zone in Arizona. The Concordians are putting an information lockdown around it, evacuating cities around, and sending bio-armored platoons try to dislodge us there. I don’t know what they’re hiding in Grand Canyon, but they are fighting tooth and nails to protect it. 

SHROUD: The war for Earth. 

ODYSSEUS: It has started, yes. Concordia has started taking down the internet so news do not spread, but there are too many incidents for them to cover up. People are catching on. 

SHROUD: Do they have hope?

ODYSSEUS: No. They think Concordia will win, like always. The Conquest broke most of them.

SHROUD: Do you?

ODYSSEUS: Frankly, if you had asked that of me a month ago, I would have said this is hopeless. Now though, after what I have seen… I think we have a slim, slim shot unless Blackcinders nukes us or the Maleking arrives first.

SHROUD: It was always going to be a three-ways battle. Maybe four.

ODYSSEUS: The black hole in Antarctica? What’s happening there? 

SHROUD: You’re too smart for your own good, Ulysses. I can’t say. The Administrator asked that I keep it for myself.

ODYSSEUS: So it’s bad enough that no quest has been issued to deal with it yet. Yeeesh.

SHROUD: So, either Neo York or the Zone in Arizona.

ODYSSEUS: To meet again? Yeah. I’ll keep you informed. When are you leaving space?

SHROUD: After the Crimson Epoch. I want to know what Malacoda and Mammon are preparing. They have a secret weapon of some kind, and we need to identify it. If you have interstellar cable, I’m pretty sure he will appear then.

ODYSSEUS: Send me a message after you’re done. Just to know if you’re still alive.

SHROUD: You are worrying about me? You are so sweet.

ODYSSEUS: Someone gotta keep you alive, Matt.

SHROUD: Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time and return to those days in Evermarsh. They feel like years away. 

ODYSSEUS: Butterfly effect man. If you managed to turn back time, you would find a way to replace dragons with dinosaurs.
SHROUD: Eh. Let’s have a drink over old times when we meet again. In case there is no next time.

ODYSSEUS: As long as the drinks are on you. See you soon, Matt.

SHROUD: See you soon, Ulysses.

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