Spell Questions

Is it possible to invent new spells? Yes, for normal Sorcerers, when they channel their Flux into the shape of a spell. Magik users are limited to creating Hacks, due to how the Magik Online system works.

Is Rain the opposite of Focus? Not truly. Rain turns a spell into an Area of Effect while diminishing the power; while the core essence of the spell, it does often change how the spell manifest (for example, Rain Arcane Blade cause a rain of Arcane Blades to fall on an area, instead of giving everyone the benefit of the Arcane Blade weapon).

What would Rain Premium Thoughts do? Rain Premium Thought would temporarily increase the learning curve of everyone within the vicinity; they don’t gain a general intelligence boost but suddenly they learn much faster and adapt quicker to difficulties. In combat this means everyone adapts much faster to enemy tactics, for example.

Does casting a spell from an opposite color make it weaker? No, but it is harder to cast; like using twice as much fuel for your car to reach the same speed.

Can Magik Online update itself if a new spell is invented? Yes, if it has access to data on that spell. The spells available do not represent the full number of spells in existence.

Is it possible to chain spell modifiers? No (you can only apply one spell modifier per spell), unless you have a special Lock or a similar loophole.

How does the Encode spell work? Encode allows the caster to put one of their spell in an item or person they touch and set activation condition, such as a password. The spell is exhausted afterward. One cannot encode spell modifiers because they only exist when cast with another spell; neither is it possible to Encode Hacks or Locks. You can only encode one spell per target, with the size of the target depending on your Flux output; the bigger the more it consumes to encode a spell, and the strongest the spell encoded the more it exhausts you.

Hack Questions

Triggering Hacks? You need two different colors involved to trigger a Hack (so two Green won’t trigger one). However, it is possible to create chain Hacks such as one Violet/Yellow component + One Violet. The more diluted the color however, the harder it will be to trigger a new Hack (consider that spell inbreeding). White spells can be used to trigger Hack, although it’s near impossible with spell modifiers (as only exist when used in conjunction with another spell).

How do Peak and Powersurge combine? Peak enhances you to peak natural strength (think Olympic level athlete in every category), so it’s an addition; Powersurge is a multiplier. So using both will make the caster stronger than someone using only Powersurge, but the power gap will be somewhat minor (think Venom vs Spiderman).

Can Thunderling and Lightning Rod be used together, and can they trigger a hack? Yes on both cases.

Dot Six Hack? Purely theoretical according to the Magik Online creators, as in technically possible but needing too much power for Magik to handle; considering the power of Dot 5 spells, the highest known level, success would probably permanently alter reality in some way, perhaps even destroy it.

Setting Questions

Are Dragons considered birds or avian? No. Concordian Dragons are their own evolution tree, and descend from primordial serpents such as Jormungandr or Fafnir.

Dragons without Sorcery? Almost all dragons end up unlocking as sorcerers due to their unique biology and life expectancy, which has been the main reason for the continued military dominance over interstellar space. Smokefang is not the only dragon without magic, but dragons without magic are rare enough to be considered the equivalent of albinism in humans.

Can Flux be seen with the naked eye? Yes, but mostly when highly concentrated (such as around a Neurotower), when a Sorcerer casts a spell manipulating it in its raw form (such as White spells), or during cataclysmic magical battles.

Spell names? Spells can have different names and language variants, but I am of course only using one version in the narration to avoid confusion.

Are Mindbreakers widely disliked? Yes, as no one likes someone reading their mind or brainwashing them, but they are considered useful by the local power-that-be; Concordia’s Blue Ministry makes extensive use of them.

How to ask more questions?

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