Hack Recipes

Hacks are the secret weapon of the Magik Online website, the combination of two spells from different colors; something long thought impossible by sorcery research. The process behind Hack creation is a secret closely guarded by the Sponsors.

Unlike White Metamagic, which alters existing spells but leaves their core essence unchanged, Hacks are entirely new spells; a Hack always has a higher Dot Level than its two components, but is more specialized. As such, there is no Dot One Hack.

Dot Two Hacks

Mad World

Dot: 2
Components: Blue World + Berserk
Activation: Active, Voice Vector.

Sends every living being within earshot of the spell spiraling into a frothing, killing frenzy. The victims no longer distinguish friend from foe, and remain in this state until exhausted or successfully killing another living being .


Dot: 2
Components: Quasar + Reinforce
Activation: Passive, Thought.

You can generate solid, magical light from your body. These magical constructs quickly degrade into natural light after being separated from your body. As a side effect, you can see through non-magical bright light and deep darkness both.

Glass Field

Dot: 2
Components: Intuimotion + Dirt Call  
Activation: Passive, Thought.

You now have absolute psychic control over glass within a ten meter/thirty-two foot radius. You can use glass as an extension of your own senses, and cast spells through them. The purer the glass, the finer your control.


Dot: 2
Components: Timesense + Intuimotion
Activation: Passive, App Switch.

You gain supernatural reflexes, agility, accuracy, and aim. You can also predict movement with near perfect accuracy, allowing you to make shots with supercomputer levels of mathematical complexity.

Killer Sense

Dot: 2
Components: Timesense + Doom Sense
Activation: Passive, App Switch.

You subconsciously sense the death of others; this allows you to intuitively divine weak points and how to inflict lethal wounds.


Dot: 2
Components: Seamancer + Urbanstep
Activation: Passive, Thought.

You can teleport into any body of inorganic liquid which you can perceive. This includes water, fuel, lava, and even rain drops. You are not harmed by the teleportation effect, but you may suffer from exposure to the liquid. This ability has no range and can work even through mediums such as photos; if the liquid has changed place or been removed since, Splash will fail to work.


Dot: 2
Components: Berserk + Babel
Activation: Active, Voice.

You prevent everyone within earshot from understanding any form of language (written, oral, body language, or even magical signals) for ten minutes; this manifests as the victim comprehending communication as senseless gibberish. As a side-effect, victims suffer from agnosia for the spell’s duration, being unable to identify others in spite of keeping their memories of them .


Dot: 2
Components: Biosurge + Peak
Activation: Passive, Thought.

Your body is optimized to produce bioelectricity, which you can generate and control at will. Your output rivals a power plant, allowing you to produce lightning bolts or EMP, increase your reaction time by stimulating your nerves, or coat yourself in electricity. As a side-effect, you are now immune to non-magical electricity damage.

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