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Here you can find all the amazing Players of Magik Online, mighty sorcerers and hunters of dragons chosen by the Sponsors. Some are loners, other Guild members. All of them are amazing people without whom this website would not be half as interesting.

The first account is dedicated to Magik Online’s editor and first fan, Daniel, without whom grammar would have been a deadly, relentless enemy.


Level: 1 (Novice)
Affinity: Green
Lock: Soar
Spellcoins: 1

Soar: You can transform back and forth into any bird, including magical bird-like creatures such as griffin or a phoenix; your body mass does not change, and you cannot transform into fully fictional birds like a Pokemon. You keep your human mind while transformed, but must learn to use your new body’s abilities on your own. You may also transform your body into a flock of smaller birds of the same species, such as a murder of crows. In that case, your consciousness is equally shared by all birds no matter the distance, so you will survive as long as one bird does. The loss of flock members will result in injuries when you change back into a human, as their body mass is lost.

Bio: a good-hearted prankster since your youth, you have always been about mocking proud, arrogant people; first through practical jokes, and now through cunning sorcery. You now work as part of an underground comedy club in the European Protectorate – a cover for your new Player Party. The Yellow Ministry has pegged your newest, hit one-man show as “cultural transgression,” although you have been subtle enough to avoid arrest. You are currently happy fulfilling odd quests with your group to grind spellcoins, in preparation for your most epic prank yet: humiliating the new dragon governor of Europe during her own inauguration.

Spell Compendium
– Dot 1
Peak (Green)
Purge (Green)
Intuimotion (Blue)
Red String (Yellow)

Daniel Zogbi

Level: 1 (Novice)
Affinity: Blue
Lock: Editor
Spellcoins: 12

Editor: You can edit the history of people and items as one would a book. When you touch your target, you perceive their entire existence as a text, from which you can remove bits of. History is rewritten to make sense out of your deletions, with only you remembering the old “draft” history. You can only remove elements; you cannot directly add or rewrite elements, but you can make written suggestions which reality may often take into consideration.

Bio: Growing up in old Carolina, you always dreamed to become a book editor; which, under Concordia, has become synonymous with censorship. Magik opened its doors to you after you refused to edit out a book’s political message, granting you a powerful Lock. While the limits of Editor frustrate you, you developed a unique relationship with the Administrator, and take pride in assisting Magik Online’s development.

Spell Compendium
– Dot 1
Premium Thoughts (Blue)

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