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Here, you can find the Quests posted by our website’s marvelous Sponsors, renewed every month. Some are easy money. Others are mercilessly, soul-crushingly difficult. You can attempt a Quest anytime, at your own risk. Stealth, diplomacy, fighting… surely you will find what you look for.

*Magik Online denies any responsibility in case of death by gunshot, dragonfire, miscasting of spell, botched necromantic ritual, or any other possible cause of demise.

Here is our template:

Quest Name

Difficulty: Dot One to Five (with One being easy and Five a mythical feat)
Sponsor: the Quest’s Sponsor.

Quest description.

Rewards: usually spellcoins, but may include other benefits.

Failure: an exceptional mention if failure of the quest will result for certain in a dreadful consequence (usually death).

Happy Questing folks!

The Brain Collectors

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: Karolus

Gearsmen creation remains a mystery, especially the organic part of their anatomy. Unfortunately, we have yet to get our hands on intact nerve tissues. Capture a Gearsman, extract nerve samples without damaging them, and hide them in a secure location for eventual extraction. Be sure to wash your hands first!

Rewards: 6 Spellcoins + key information on how Gearsmen are created.

The Prank War I

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: Floodtalon

Good comedy is the mother of revolution; the dragons have long portrayed an image of regal pride, and it is time to bring them down to earth. Play a practical joke on a dragon and humiliate it in public (and survive the inevitable fiery rampage).

Rewards: 7 Spellcoins + a live video of the aforementioned practical joke.

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