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Here, you can find the Quests posted by our website’s marvelous Sponsors, renewed every month. Some are easy money. Others are mercilessly, soul-crushingly difficult. You can attempt a Quest anytime, at your own risk. Stealth, diplomacy, fighting… surely you will find what you look for.

*Magik Online denies any responsibility in case of death by gunshot, dragonfire, miscasting of spell, botched necromantic ritual, or any other possible cause of demise.

Here is our template:

Quest Name

Difficulty: Dot One to Five (with One being easy and Five a mythical feat)
Sponsor: the Quest’s Sponsor.

Quest description.

Rewards: usually spellcoins, but may include other benefits.

Failure: an exceptional mention if failure of the quest will result for certain in a dreadful consequence (usually death).

Happy Questing folks!

Prank War III

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: The Flood’s Talon.

So I’ve noticed that I’ve been being a bit mean to Concordia as of late, so I figured I would mix things up a little bit. Prank another player using your Lock in some fashion. Don’t hurt them, bad for business and all, but definitely embarrass them! Oh and make sure to post it to the forum afterwards, really rub salt in the wound.

Rewards: Seven Spellcoins + access to a private forum board for professional Player saboteurs.

This is Madness

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: The Great Unspeaking One.

My head is getting pretty crowded these days, and I have some difficulty distinguishing my thoughts from those of my friends. There is an experimental device to imprison sorcerers by suppressing mental activity, created by Concordia in a lost laboratory. Please deliver that to me and help install it so I can get a moment of peace and quite.

Rewards: Eight Spellcoins + A Favor.

It’s Alive!

Difficulty: Dot Three (Hard)
Sponsor: The Great Unspeaking One.

The creeping roots can find purchase in the biomechanical flesh of Concordia’s great workings. Deliver unto them the seed of eldritch power and defend it from the depredations of the unbelievers. Do this and be granted a fraction of the Unspeaking One’s unknowable power. For when his hand reaches us, he shall uplift friends and consume foes.

Rewards: Thirteen Spellcoins + Eldritch Familiar granted unto thou, to grow by devouring the unfaithful.

Failure: Death and your Soul is taken by the Unspeaking One for eternal torment.

Humble Beginnings

Difficulty: Dot One (Easy)
Sponsor: Rhodri Thornber.

Sorcery is a truly amazing thing. It allows you to do damn near anything in your wildest dreams. But at what cost? Escalation is always a risk for sorcerers, and players are no exception to this danger. It is time you remind yourself of your humble beginnings. Remind yourself that for all your power you were once a regular mortal. Hence your goal is to complete 5 acts of altruism, without the use of your lock or your spells.

Rewards: Five Spellcoins + Increased sense of self-worth.

Failure: you feel guilty and ashamed.

The Caged Sun

Difficulty: Dot Three (Hard)
Sponsor: the Codex.

Not all is as it seems. Taiyougami is the power of life harnessed for destruction. Within many a labyrinthian cage lies secrets. Some are hidden behind false veils that can only be lifted during a Trial. This will be your only opportunity to learn what others do not want you to. Look for the sun’s rays. Gain knowledge of your future home. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Gaze into the Motherless Sun within Taiyougami, and unlock its secrets. Praise the sun.

Rewards: Thirteen Spellcoins + Shining Blessing of the Motherless Sun.

Failure: the Motherless Sun is forever hidden, and/or Painful Death by Fire.

The Prank War II (Deluxe!)

Difficulty: Dot Three (Hard)
Sponsor: the Flood’s Talon.

What a classic, a pie to the face! We can’t stop here however! We can’t just limit ourselves to such a petty prank. Your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to permanently shame a high ranking official of the Concordian Empire. Make sure that every time someone looks at them, they’re reminded of your great deeds!

Rewards: Ten Spellcoins (Bonus Spellcoins depending on the prank’s hilarity) + An invitation to the Sponsors’ secret Haha Hour Club.

Failure: Death or Life Imprisonment.

The Brain Collectors

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: Karolus

Gearsmen creation remains a mystery, especially the organic part of their anatomy. Unfortunately, we have yet to get our hands on intact nerve tissues. Capture a Gearsman, extract nerve samples without damaging them, and hide them in a secure location for eventual extraction. Be sure to wash your hands first!

Rewards: Six Spellcoins + key information on how Gearsmen are created.

The Prank War I

Difficulty: Dot Two (Medium)
Sponsor: the Flood’s Talon

Good comedy is the mother of revolution; the dragons have long portrayed an image of regal pride, and it is time to bring them down to earth. Play a practical joke on a dragon and humiliate it in public (and survive the inevitable fiery rampage).

Rewards: Seven Spellcoins + a live video of the aforementioned practical joke.

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