Support the Website

All help is appreciated, especially when it comes to sharing the website’s existence. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Rate/Follow the story at

I post the story on the reading website with a little delay compared to the main website, so as to give it a bit more exposure. RoyalRoad works with a ranking system, depending on the number of followers and ratings the stories get. So the more Magik gets them on this website, the more exposure it gains.

So if you want to support the story, I can only encourage you to follow or rate the story by clicking on that link.

2) Recommend the story to those who might enjoy it.

Seriously, Web Novels are like bottles in the sea. Enough to create a continent, yet difficult to find.

Bottle Lost at Internet Web Sea Please Share
We recommend using Facebook instead.

So if you want to support the website and story, talk about it. Leave comments. Share updates on forums or social medias. That alone would help a lot.

3) Help with the TV Tropes Page

Magik Online now has a TV Tropes page. For those who don’t know what it is, TV Tropes is a fiction wikia gathering all cliches or plot elements in stories. It also helps stories get exposure.

So, adding content to the TV Tropes page and putting Magik Online references on other pages will help get more visibility (and enrich the experience). Who knows, maybe I will discover a cliche I didn’t think of when writing this story.

4) Add Fan Art

I also welcome fan works, like fan arts – in fact I created such a page after a friend sent me one, which you can check out there.

As an experiment, I usually add pictures to updates to enrich the content. So if you create nice fan arts I would be glad to portray them on chapters.

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